Before you sign a security system contract, check our features:


  • Do-it-yourself home / office security that arms the premises with a single box,
  • Easy setup, no installation costs and no wires to connect,
  • No external sensors to buy
  • Capture images of intruders and monitor at any time,
  • Connects to your wireless router for fast notification to your smart phone,
  • Best of all, there is no contract, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges. Just one low cost.



aJile Systems offers simple, portable, DIY security systems for home/office and automotive environments.

The single unit security system is able to detect the opening or glass breaking of a door / window within an
entire house or small office without any external wiring. Other intrusion detection systems require sensors
for every window or door that are either wired or use expensive wireless sensors. aJile’s intruder detection
system uses no external sensors and is far superior to motion and contact sensors since it is omni directional
and can be placed anywhere within an enclosed environment.

Intrusion alerts are received instantly on your smart phone (Android or iPhone) using an easy-to-install
application. The application gives you full control of the system for configuration, monitoring, and viewing
past alerts at any time. Best of all, the system is available at one low price and there are no additional
components to buy, no setup fees, no subscriptions, and no recurring charges.

  • aJ-Orion is the aJile security product for home / office environments that includes a built in VGA camera.
    Click on the product name to find out more.
  • aJ-Beacon is the aJile security product for automotive environments that includes a built in GPS receiver.
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Get started for iPhones:

aJ-Orion Quick Start Guide for iPhone

aJ-Orion User Manual for iPhone

Get started for Android phones:

aJ-Orion Quick Start Guide for Android

aJ-Orion User Manual for Android